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Top Tips For Picking a Bridal Makeup Artist

The makeup and appearance of the bride is one of the most important things on her wedding day so we’ve made this blog to help you future brides pick the right makeup artist for your big day. All eyes are on you so you want to be looking your very best for yourself, partner, loved ones and the cameras! Not to mention, you want to feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day so you’re going to need someone professional, trustworthy and efficient. A high or low budget? It’s no worries because these tips are universal to everyone and budget friendly.

First, you want to ensure your choices of makeup artists are available for your wedding dates because if they aren’t, it unfortunately immediately eliminates them from your top chosen artists. Not to worry, if they’re not available there are so many similar artists or recommended artists that you can easily locate in your area through search engines and socials like instagram. Don’t forget to consider whether you want the same artists for all functions (and if they’re available) because as we know, Asian wedding’s can last up to several days meaning a fresh look everyday is vital.

Alongside social media, bridal artists should have a reputable website to get more information on their services and explicit details like their prices, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. Following this, see if they have an online booking system to easily check dates and if not leave them a friendly dm or email requesting dates they have free and any questions you want to ask them.

It may be tempting to book last minute or wait to see if your favoured makeup artist becomes available due to cancellations but relying on these will leave you feeling even more unprepared for your wedding day. You should book your artist six to eight months in advance before your wedding. This way you can have a proper consultation with them and discuss any improvements that need to be made on skincare so your base is flawless for your wedding day. If your artist doesn’t bring this up make sure you do because there’s so much preparation you can do before your makeup is applied like beauty treatments, programmes, changes to your skincare routine and diet.

Look out for photographs of real brides and clients on their website and social media. Any reels or videos on other platforms are even better to closely analyse. Looking at the quality of the makeup is important but you should also look out for any filters/ editing apps used on them taking away from the realness, and watch out for the versatility of the artist because they could be doing makeup on groups with similar features meaning it’s unlikely they can tailor to your unique features like eye shapes and face shapes unless you fit into their criteria. Their skill can be limited to contour certain face shapes, match certain skin tones, etc. Don’t forget to search for reviews in the process of doing this so you can see how satisfied other brides were with the artist.

See what brands the artist uses to ensure the quality of the products matches their prices and are justified. If you’re unfamiliar with brands you should be able to see why the artist prefers that brand over well known ones and should be open to answering any queries. Look out for any allergies you may have with the products used because the last thing you need on your wedding day is a life threatening flare up.

Ensure you thoroughly research your artists and be careful on the prices because a cheap makeup artist may be less experienced using low quality products and unhygienic when applying it but more expensive ones could be using their name to rinse brides and not be any better than affordable makeup artists.

Pay attention to how the artist interacts with you because the speed and tone in which they reply to enquiries and calls will show you whether or not they are reliable and professional. You can tell an artist is serious when they reply fast, with good spelling and grammar, in a professional yet friendly manner. You don’t want to settle with an artist who is bad at communicating because they will likely let you down on your wedding day or not respect you or your time during it.

Communication comes from both sides because as the bride you need to make sure you’re telling your artist exactly what you want doing and even go the extra step in making a moodboard of pictures with certain styles, colour, etc you want on yourself or show them a picture of what you want replicated. See if the artist is capable of doing it and if not, move on because this is why it’s important to know what you want before searching for artists so you have the time to find the right one.

Finally, ask questions to see how knowledgeable your makeup artist is because if you provide details on the theme/ colours of your wedding a good artist can incorporate that into their looks if you want it and be able to offer suggestions on what makeup will look best on you and why.

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