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The Three Common Styles Of Wedding Photography

You want your wedding to be more than just three days or however many ceremonies you’re having in your unique south Asian wedding and the best way to do this is through capturing the moments with a photographer. It’s post wedding and honeymoon, but your celebration of love hasn’t come to an end yet as you’re waiting avidly for your photos and videos to come through in the form of a movie or book of memories so you can relive your special day but for this to happen you need an idea on who to hire so you have a reliable source and outcome of production. Our blogs are here to help you understand the language of photography and choose the best wedding photographer that’s suited to you so you don’t regret not hiring a professional to live the journey with you. There are three main styles of photography that are commonly offered that we want to explain so you’re not left confused with the jargon when it comes to choosing your favourite one.

-Reportage photography: Photojournalistic or documentary photography are other names for reportage photography. Your photographer will be present with you and your guests while taking candid and unplanned pictures. Expect your images to capture the true narrative of your day because reportage style is all about reactions and feelings. Due to the lack of posing, it may seem like the most natural kind of photography.

-Traditional photography: the classic posed appearance you find in typical group photographs of the bride and groom and the bridal party is known as traditional or formal wedding photography. This used to be the most common approach because it requires a lot of guidance from the photographer, but it also takes time, and you risk missing some of the day’s events. Your photographs will be expertly shot and lighted, albeit they may be a little formulaic.

- Contemporary Photography: Modern photography will resemble reportage more than fashion or editorial photography. If you want fashion-focused couple images and artistic angles in other shots, this is the perfect option. Find a photographer who shares your creative vision, whether it be for street style, portraits, conceptual, or nature photography. Now that we know the three types of photography styles it’s your turn to take this information and look further into the one style that will best suit your wedding, whether it be the authentic, natural photos of your day or images focused on the theme and attire of your wedding like your beautiful hand crafted red and gold lehenga. Read our next blog for tips to choosing a wedding photographer to finalise those arrangements and get planning!

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