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How To Create A Wedding Board

What’s the first thing you think about when you’re proposed to? The way your wedding is going to look of course! You won’t be thinking of the budget and spreadsheets straight away, you’ll be dreaming about your wedding happening in the most beautiful and special way that’s suited for you and your partner.

You’ve got the initial idea that your wedding needs to be aesthetically pleasing and magical but you’re unsure where to go from there. You’ve got a million thoughts in your head about the perfect wedding but just don’t know where to start with the themes, colours and ideas and it’s all a jumbled mess in your head! Don’t worry because these thoughts are completely normal for a new bride to think!

We suggest, the best way to organise your thoughts is by creating a wedding mood board. This way you can put all your ideas down and nail the specifics into one visual board. A wedding board is a collection of images, colours and textiles either in the digital format of Pinterest pictures on a Miro board or in physical format on a cork or poster board. You can even do both! The internet has unlimited space and image variations, but you can collect and keepsake samples in real time on a cork board!

So why create a wedding board? Spending more time on Pinterest can give you more ideas, which may make you feel more overwhelmed. You can make judgments about planning and decoration by making a vision board. It also provides you with a concrete means of expressing your vision to your wedding vendors and ensuring that everything will be coordinated!

Now we’re moving onto the best part, how to create one! There are four easy steps for creating the best vision board and they’re as followed:

1. Determine your objectives. Decide on certain fundamentals, such as the season you want to get married in, potential venues, and colours, by sitting down with your partner. Then get into the more private information, such as how you want your day to go, what makes you happy, or what specific information you’d like to convey. 2. Source inspirations Naturally, using Pinterest, the original source of inspiration boards, is the simplest method to get started. However, don’t be averse to going offline and drawing inspiration from your surroundings as well. There are several places where you can find quotes, pictures, items, etc.

3. Create your own images. Thanks to the global epidemic, your average daily screen time has increased to 30 hours. It’s time to stop scrolling and start honing your eyesight. You should select only the photos that accurately reflect your style from your collection. You don’t want to have 10 pictures of the same item, so try to keep it under 10 and make sure there’s variety.

4. Begin creating! The assembly of everything is the last phase! A classic layout for your vision board could work best if the majority of your ideas are cuts from magazines or printed from the internet. On the other hand, if you’re a techie and save all of your thoughts on your desktop, perhaps a digital board would be more useful.

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