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5 Tips For Picking Your Wedding Photographer

You may have skipped our previous blog and come straight onto how to choose your wedding photographer to capture your very special day, or you’ve come equipped with the knowledge of photographer jargon and are now ready to take your decision to the next level. This blog will give you beautiful brides five tips for choosing your wedding photographer and if you haven’t already, read our last blog to ensure you know what style of photography you want to go for on your perfect day.

1. Set a budget

There is no point in falling in love with a photographer just to find out they are much out of your price range. To give you a clear sense of what you may receive for your money, talk about how much you can afford to spend up front, and keep that in mind while you conduct further research. Many photographers list their starting costs on their websites, or you may get a quick quote from a few in your region to find out what the going rate is.

While £1,500 may seem like a significant sum of change, investing in your photos is one of the most crucial decisions you can make. To give yourself the most money for this, try cutting costs someplace else in your budget because whatever you pay for, you get.

2. Find your style

The exciting part of your search is about to begin! One of the most crucial things to take into account is your preferred photographic style. By looking through different wedding photographers, you’ll see hundreds of photographers’ styles and be able to quickly determine what you like and don’t like. Do you prefer unfiltered, traditional, a combination of colour and black and white, imaginative, or modern? Usually, one of the aforementioned fashions will catch your eye right away.

Start shortlisting the photographers you like and do some more study on them. Because the scope and pace of a wedding are unusual, you should choose a photographer with some wedding photography expertise under their belt.

3. Ask for testimonials

Finding a photographer is made easier by asking friends for referrals. Find out the photographer’s name if someone you know recently got married and you adored their photos. Your venue, social media, and internet reviews are additional resources for recommendation-seeking.

A trustworthy photographer will be eager to connect you with past clients or have a wealth of client testimonials available for you to read. When you’ve narrowed down your choices, get in touch with the photographer and inquire about 1) availability around the time of your wedding. 2) Can they send you a complete album to view? 3) Do you have access to client references or testimonials? Asking about how the day went, whether they were satisfied with the outcome and whether they got what they desired is advised.

4. See a portfolio

Of course, seeing a portfolio is important! Their website will present a highlight reel, but you should actually look at a wedding album in its whole. You can’t describe the complete tale with just three or four pictures.

The photos must all flow together and be of equal beauty if they are to convey the day’s events. Each image should have a similar quality and style. You might discover that you don’t like the photographer’s low-light photography or that their approach to group shots doesn’t match your own.

5. Ask them if they know your venue

Even though it’s not a deal-breaker, it definitely helps if your photographer has previously taken photos there. They will be familiar with the optimal settings and lighting because of their experience.

Your venue will be happy to give you a list of suggested photographers, and the majority of photographers have blogs where they showcase their real weddings

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