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The lead up to the launch of our planner

Wow! This has been one hefty week in the lead up to the launch of our planner. We’re open and honest about the preparation involved getting the planner organised behind the scenes with many highs and a few bumps in the road! Two test planners and a bunch of samples later we’ve scouted the perfect printing company that we know works best for us and for you with top quality paper that feels nice to touch and write on! We had to ensure we took our time to pick the best company to manufacture them because we want to build our brand on the quality of our products and happy customers.

We’re still on the hunt for the best variation and quality card of our shadowing products which will be offered to you guys in different sizes, so you have the flexibility to purchase whatever size fits you while maintaining the same high-quality standard and print. The best results cannot be rushed, and we want to thank everyone for their patience and support through follows and newsletter sign ups, we can imagine the constant snippets of our products sparking anticipation and frustration amongst everyone “when will this be released!” Well, I’m here to put queries and concerns to bed because in a matter of days we will finally be releasing our parent product, launching our website and much more!

In fact, let’s talk about the website has anyone seen all the sneak peaks on our Instagram and tiktok? If you haven’t noticed, we have reconstructed our website several times to fit our aesthetic and brand colours and we’ve come to a conclusion that we build our website based on practicality and uniqueness! Through recent updates and posts we were able to keep you guys in the loop because we love bringing you along on our journey!

Finally, after heavy brainstorming and the process of elimination we’ve got our beautiful packaging right alongside our finished planner and a few handmade freebies thrown in there too. We want each one of you guys to feel touched and unique that’s why we add little handmade or hand painted touches to our packaging, so you all get a unique, thoughtful experience. We don’t want our products to be roboticized and sent out all the same because where’s the thought in that? If you guys have the motivation to check out individually, then we want to give you the same energy 100% back.

Enough waffling, we’ve made a promise to you about our products and are happy to announce that they’re live on our etsy store with the website coming out in the next week so all our blogs, content, products and contacts are all In one neat place for you.

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