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Are Traditional Red Weddings Going Out Of Fashion?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

We’ve all seen a beautiful Asian woman on her wedding day in a traditional red piece with dazzling gold embellishments to accent the red but was that something we saw as children and is it becoming a faded memory? The question stands whether this tradition is slowly going out of fashion or if it’s one that simply cannot and will not die out. Red is a warm embrace into Asian culture and holds so many connotations with the most prominent being the symbolism of good luck and love which is why modern brides still choose to wear the colour, to uphold strong customs and traditions built up over decades.

However, there’s no doubt that the trends over colour seem to be shifting to modern, lighter alternatives. This prediction became fact in 2022 with the most popular desi wedding colour being … green! Sage green is the most trending colour palette for weddings in 2022 with its rustic appearance adding to the aesthetic of the wedding. This colour is perfect for outdoor weddings adding earthy tones into the mix and pairs beautifully with blush pink to achieve a bespoke, dainty look.

Hunter Green is the next trending colour of 2022, yet another shade of green but this ones on the darker side of the spectrum to add a mysterious, bold, and elegant look to your wedding. This stands more traditional as opposed to sage green, but our long-standing red still doesn’t fit into either colour palettes as hunter green is widely used with white or cream. Perhaps the colour of the wedding is less important to a couple and adopting modern takes on Asian weddings is a priority, or maybe we still consider symbols in our colours. Green is connoted with fertility and growth which could be a deciding factor to follow for this day and age because couples are statistically known to be wedding later with the average man wedding at 38 years old and the average woman wedding at 35 years old. This plays a big role in a woman’s fertility because it’s a lot harder for her to have children past the age of 30 and religiously, South Asian’s will not have children outside of marriage so instead of wearing red for luck and love, wearing green instead for fertility and growth is the hope for children and a growing family.

So maybe the colour is outdated but the symbols associated with them stand strong to this day. To know for sure what people choose we’ve held an Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok poll to get the opinions of the South Asian community to see whether red will always be the desired colour, that proves tradition outshines new beliefs, or moving with the times and staying current is most looked at today.

The results are in! We’ve finally collected enough data to conclude what desi wedding colour is most popular today. Starting with our most responded to ad: Instagram! We had 176 responses to the poll and 79.07% (136 people) voted for sage green and we had 59 responses to the Tiktok poll with 61% (36 votes) voting sage green keeping this colour in the lead! Finally, we had four responses from users on Facebook with 3 votes for sage green.

These results from multiple platforms conclude that sage green is the most popular wedding colour for South Asian weddings. Are we surprised? Following the research around trending wedding colours the result from our poll only validates what we predicted and were to expect. With this in mind, we may release some products in respect of sage green to fit your needs and wants!

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