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Top Tips For Picking Mehndi Jewellery

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

There’s 1000 other things a bride has to worry about for her wedding that she may forget the little details. Here are our tips for picking your jewellery for your mehndi.

-Floral Traditions

More than often, brides like to stick to customs and traditions built over hundreds of years and if you’re going down this route floral jewellery is the way to go! Flowers represents delicacy, softness and grace which collectively fall onto the bride wearing them as they look more feminine and beautiful on the day of the mehndi. You can wear fake flowers or mix it up with real handmade flower garlands to make the look more bespoke and authentic from the floral scent. The issue with this is its not reusable and preservable but it shouldn’t stop you making your mehndi one of a kind and unique.

-Stick to bright colours like fuchsia and yellow

Have you ever seen a muted, colourless mehndi? No! And neither have we so we just have to acknowledge colour is a big part of the mehndi ceremony and should be a big part of your jewellery too (as long as it still matches.) Whether you decide to go minimalistic or full out — ensuring you’re wearing that pop of colour makes you stand out as the centre of attention. Decide against toned down themes and go large and bold because at the end of the day, your mehndi is supposed to be enjoyable, fun and full of dance and songs. You can still incorporate your sophisticated aesthetic into the day of your wedding.

-Traditional not to wear metal jewellery before the night of the wedding

Speaking on the day of the wedding, did you know customarily you wear metal jewellery like mang tikka and payal on the day of your wedding only? This is probably why you don’t see mehndi brides blinged out because you need to be comfy and relaxed before the big day in a statement piece that draws attention with its colour and brightness but not it’s bling and gemstones- save that stunner for the big day! If you decide to get your mehndi done on this day, don’t forget to be comfy and relaxed because you’ll be sitting for hours being decorated with loved ones watching and the jewellery won’t take away from the main attraction- the henna art. Wearing heavy metal jewellery isn’t ideal for this day next to light floral pieces.

-Sparkly gota or resham (silk thread) jewellery is a good alternative

Don’t fancy going traditional and want to be different? That’s totally okay too because gota or resham jewellery can do this for you as it’s less common than floral jewellery but still incorporates it (if wanted to) and stays on theme with the vibe of a mehndi ceremony. Gota jewellery is light-weight and re-wearable and comes in versatile colours making it dynamic. It can be sewn into beautiful Maang Tikkas and paired with pom poms, pearls and mirror work to make it really unique! Resham jewellery is handmade making it organic and very in-vogue trendy! The designs are often woven on delicate wires, junk metal jewellery or converted into pom-poms which can be hung on lots of tassel motifs.

-Floral anklets for feet and leg shots

If you’ve made it to this tip we appreciate you reading our advice and hope you’ll follow it too and if you’re not getting married we appreciate the friendly read. Floral anklets that match you’re headwear are a beautiful way to finish off accessorising because you’re not just thinking with your head but with your feet! This is fun especially if you’ve had or are getting your leg and feet mehndi on because the pictures you can take with this will be above and beyond.

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