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Top tips to look out for when viewing wedding venues

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

A wedding is the most important day of every couple’s lives. It takes your relationship to the next level and validates your love for each other. The hardest part of the wedding is most definitely planning it and choosing a wedding venue that’s perfect for you can be difficult without knowing the deciding factors to consider. In this blog we’ll discuss all the key things to consider before you say yes to the venue!

1. Budget

First and foremost, the most crucial thing to do is deciding your budget because you can’t go window shopping for the best venues if you simply cannot afford it! By creating a budget plan before you do anything, it’ll ensure whether you can choose a venue in your favourite location but don’t worry by using your budget as a starting point, you’ll be able to find the perfect venue. Start by knowing the approximate number of guests attending your wedding then once you’ve estimated your budget you can go searching for places that fall under it.

2. Location

Consider yourself as well as your hundreds of guests attending the wedding because they all come from different locations so picking somewhere easy to find is essential. A tip we suggest is choosing to have your venue near a well-known, popular landmark as it will make it a lot easier for your guests to search up and locate.

3. Date

Don’t forget to check what dates the wedding venue has free unless you are flexible with this, but a lot of couples have decided their wedding date by this step. Also, make sure to hold your wedding on an available date for most of your guests and let them know way in advance in case they need to book work and time off, etc. We suggest having it on a Saturday if you want to avoid the stress of availability!

4. Parking

All your wedding guests are guaranteed to come to your wedding in their own vehicles… unless they want to travel by public transport which is a twist in itself and not the best idea. You’ll want to check the venue has available parking suited for your guests and yourself and even if you want to arrange pick up and drop off cars, they’ll still need space to park.

5. Facilities

You’re responsible for providing all the accessible facilities to your guests. Therefore, check the venue has everything it needs to suit you and your guests and that means it must be up to high standard and good quality. Canapé’s, snacks, drinks, and a good number of toilets are some things to keep in mind because the last thing your guests want is to join a que for the toilets!

6. Decorations

What type of aesthetic are you going for? Is it royalty, is it elegance, is it summery well whatever it is you’ll need to make sure this venue fits your idea of the dream wedding! Pan the whole venue to see if the décor is what you want and make sure all your pre-planned decorations fits with it.

7. User Reviews

Finally, look at the user reviews of the wedding venue which is usually present on the venue’s website. The reviews play an important role in transparency because honest good or bad reviews really put the wedding day and venue into perspective.

We hope our listed tips and tricks will help you decide you perfect wedding venue, but we recommend these factors are not contemplated lightly because they’re essential in providing the best possible experience for your yourself, your partner, and your guests on your wedding day!

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