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5 Tips For Picking Your Wedding Cake

What’s a wedding without a wedding cake! One of my favourite parts of wedding is the reveal of the gorgeous wedding cake that we know is going to taste spectacular. However, it can be hard to choose what wedding cake you want so we’ve summed up 5 tips to help you get your perfect cake.

1. Set a budget

Make sure you set yourself a reasonable budget before you start looking for wedding cake makers because otherwise you may end up choosing a cake maker that you can’t afford. Don’t worry, you can always move things around with your budget to allow more disposable income to spend on the best wedding cake! If you’re struggling to afford it, a money saving tip we advise is to consider serving your wedding cake as dessert at the wedding breakfast so you’ll save money by skipping a course with caterers.

2. Do a taste test

When choosing the flavours for your wedding cake, always sample them first, especially if you haven’t worked with this cake baker before. Your wedding cake should taste as delicious as it looks. If you end up liking more than one flavour, that’s okay! The beauty of wedding cakes is you can have as many different flavoured tiers as you want (as long as it fits you budget). There’s not one organic way a wedding cake can look and taste you can be as creative with this as you want!

3. Consider the allergies

For those with dietary restrictions, you might want to think about making a small additional cake or one layer. If you have chosen to serve your wedding cake as the dessert course, this is extremely crucial. At a wedding, it’s important to consider your guests and be inclusive because you want to share your special day with everyone.

4. Give yourself plenty of time before your wedding

Depending on how sophisticated the cake design is, most wedding cakes are elaborate works of art that must be commissioned several weeks or even months in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to place your wedding cake order. You’ll only be let down in the end. Instead, plan your cake months in advance so you’ve got everything down to the details correct and give your cake maker that time to bake your cake to perfection.

5. Find the best cake maker

It’s crucial to choose the proper wedding cake maker. Even if someone comes highly recommended, always check over their prior creations before hiring them to bake your cake. The majority of wedding cake bakers will have their own specialties, which might range from more conventional to unconventional creations.

Do your homework and request a consultation from your favourite cake maker so you may view samples of earlier cakes they have created. A talented cake artist will have a creative eye and be able to advise you on a special design that will complement your wedding.

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